Dekala Sunrise Alarm Clock



Wake up Light
Alarm Clock

FM Radio for Bedroom
Gradual Sunlight Dawn Simulator
7 Natural Sounds & Snooze
7 Colors
Night Light
Sleep Aid


6.5 x 2.76 x 6.5 inches
320 Grams
Batteries not included


Dekala sunrise alarm clock starts with a more soothing red-tinted light that gradually grows into a bright light within 10-60 minutes before the alarm sounds. This approach feels more natural and may be more effective at helping you feel less groggy when you wake up.

Wake up sounds among the 7 natural alarm sound options (Bird Singing/Ocean Sound/Stream Sound/Beep/Windbell/Piano Music/Soft Music), with 16 levels of adjustable volume.

Manually and automatically switch between 7 different colors and set 20 levels of lighting brightness.

9 min snooze

USB charging port: 5V – 2 amp

Dimmable display – 3 levels

Set 1 alarm for weekdays and 1 alarm for weekends.



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